Farah Allibhai.

Farah Allibhai, Gujarati in ancestry, Ismaili Muslim in religious & cultural heritage, refugeed from Uganda, East Africa in 1972, has lived, worked, and been educated in the UK since.

She is a daughter, sister and aunt but not mother or wife. 

She has been a carer and birth doula.

She has sat with her dying father and experienced her own death.

The Story

As a multi disciplinary artist, her work is observational, performative & site specific. Her practice explores ways of healing our inner self, the process of self discovery and self love. Through this, Farah attempts to understand the complexities inherently encoded in her landscape of intersectionality and her need for a more accepting way of being.

Drawing on her lived experience and learning, informed through an awareness, she questions belonging, how we connect to ourselves, our environment and the communities in which we find ourselves. 

.…‘There is much to say that perhaps is not new.  My work comes from a place of vulnerability, an attempt to understand aspects of myself in time and space, reflections of my experience and our shared human condition’…. Farah Allibhai
The work shown here is new.