Hathaikan Kongaunruan.

Sculpture Artist based in Manchester, UK. 

Creative Producer at Manchester Museum South Asia Gallery.

Jerwood Arts Fellow of 2020-2022.

1520 Studio holder. Member of: Horizons Collective, Extraordinary People.

Freelance: Illustrator, Family Workshop Artist, Event Photographer.

The Story

This is a currently untitled work created during lockdown. It uses one of my old chair sculptures that I've kept since studying. Then it was about creating environments for interactions, encouraging people to congregate, sit almost too closely together and spark new conversations. During lockdown I looked back at my work a lot because I didn't have the opportunity, space or money to create anything new. This sculpture started to have a different meaning, it explores a sudden loss and desire for physical connection and interaction, it's becomes about loss and separation. It was an interesting reflective piece, and a product of the pandemic - I didn't have any fancy cameras or sets to use where I was staying throughout the pandemic and took these photos really simply just using my phone, set up in my old bedroom.